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Fotografie voor mijn website.

Uit het blog "the Wonderinus"

​The styling and photography for my website was done bij Ellen Mesu. I met Ellen about 2,5 years ago when she Photographed Juliette for her first birthday. In that same session, she took the photo of me with Ruby and Juliette above. I love her aesthetic. It's so different than mine. So minimalistic. She has a great eye for detail, proportions, composition. Her bread and butter is portrait photography, but she studied graphic design and worked in fashion. So, when I started thinking about having someone do styling and photography for my designs, I consulted her immediately. I knew she had the style I was looking for, and I thought she might be able to recommend someone. But, she did something even better!

She offered to do the styling and photography herself! Her enthusiasm and her willingness to collaborate with me was a huge turning point for me. I'm not exaggerating when I say that that was the last push I needed to really go for it! So, at the beginning of the summer, we met and talked about what kind of photographs we wanted to create. It was really helpfull for me tot talk about my work out loud with another creative person. ​

So that is what Ellen did when she got down to photographing in September. I'm so happy with the job she did. It feel it really sets the entire tone for the site, and the brand. And she gave me some brilliant suggestions too, like to try the tulips on a black background as well. So, many thanks to Ellen for a job well done!​




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