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Behind the lens

KidStudio was founded in 2004 by Ellen Mesu.

Ellen graduated in Design at the Fashion Academy in Amsterdam.



Involved from start to finish

She subsequently gained experience in the fashion industry. From designing to developing the end product. "The nice thing about this work was mainly the creative aspect, you are involved in the product from start to finish. You make a design and are responsible for executing it down to the smallest detail." This is reflected in her current work as a photographer.


Heart for photography

In 2001 she goes out of fashion. "I wanted to do something different, but keep developing a product."

Ellen became art director at a paper products publisher and was responsible for purchasing the visual material. She had a lot of contact with photographers for this position. Her heart now lies with photography. She has started with children's portraits, family portraits and pregnant bellies. Later on, portraits of adults were also added, which are often used in a business setting such as LinkedIn or website.


Personal moment

'Photography is part of me, on my travels for work I looked as a photographer, but unfortunately there was no time to capture the world. I am visual, I can apply that here. I want to photograph with attention, to be able to take the time so that there is time for personal contact.

I look for the character behind the person to be able to capture it at an unguarded moment. "

That's how I strive for an honest portrait. "


Customized photo

Ellen distinguishes herself from other photographers by editing the photos. She mainly plays with the cut-out, combining the image and the materials. She turns a photo into a personal object.

The final result varies from a black and white print, a visual story in a 3-part, a double portrait to an extreme blow-up.



Text; Dorine van der Wind of Text Agency WWYS









































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