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Unique object
At KidStudio in Amsterdam you can have your most beautiful photos made into a unique object. There are many different options. By combining photos you can, for example, have a double portrait, a 3-part or an extreme blow-up made,
You can opt for a photo on dibond, plexiglass, aluminum with epoxy top layer, forex, mdf, canvas stretched on extra thick museumlats, canvas without a frame or for ordinary black prints on photopaper. Each material has its own character and there is always a material that fits in your interior. Or have a photobook made, bound in the Japanese way.


Canvas , stretched on extra thick 4.5 cm thick museumlats, from € 150 (30x30 cm)

Canvas , can be fixed directly in the wall with no tensioning of nails, from € 150 (80x80 cm)

F orex , 10 mm thick plastic sheet material, white side, from € 135, - (30x30 cm)

MDF, 10 mm thick wooden board material, black matt side, from € 140, - (40x40 cm)

P lexiglass , photo on aluminum, high-gloss plexiglass top layer, from € 270, - (30x30 cm)

Aluminum, epoxy top layer, glossy effect, sloping edges, from € 320, - (40x40 cm)

Black photos on photopaper, from € 12.50 (15x15 cm)

Larger and different sizes are possible.


Handmade photobook, bound in a Japanese way with hardcover box and own initials. Price on request.


Prices are exclusive of 21% VAT.







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